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|| W E B C A M ||




I don't usually do tags (the Kid one was an exception because I haven't done one in AGES) BUT, apparently, all my EBC characters were tagged so I'll do them too eue (ilu guys tho; srsly <33)

NOTE: If you're not in EBC PLS ignore/delete this c: 

Tagged by awesome peeps;

Nythero (for Ven/Venom), 
OneLifeRemaining && StripedButt (for Aries), 
RoyArx (Kid) 

Kid has already been tagged (by VanyCat) but I didn't submitted it to the EBC group because he's a former member |'D Here's HIS 

1. Post these rules. 
2. Post 8 facts about your character. 
3. Tag 8 other characters. 
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

EBC: Minerva the enigma by 2wolfan

8 Facts About MINERVA: 

1. Fun fact; Minerva was actually supposed to be a homosexual male with feminine looks (based on a character I used to roleplay on tumblr, Joshua Kiryu). BUT around the time I was uncomfortable with creating the first homo in EBC (this was before anyone paired the same sex together) so...given that I was kinda 'shy' I decided it was best to stick with a female with a snot attitude, flirtatious trait, fashionista, bird obsessed, clueless over the 'love' concept, and just down right lazy to do any training whatsoever. Tbh, she was kinda of a joke to cheer me up after removing Kid from EBC too. /Now/ she has become one of my main characters in EBC and I couldn't be more happy ;n;/    
2. Minerva isn't the type to just pick up a random cub and call it her own. She has a hard time adapting to others thanks to her past; but with Hazel it was different. Hazel was alone, damaged, and with no sense of direction (something she could relate to at the time). 

3. Minerva is terrified of; unsanitary places, the sight of other cats killing birds, bUGs, and losing bonds. 

4. She doesn't fITE, instead she uses words. BUT if drastic measures call, she will 'defend' with the best of her abilities. (which isn't much...) 

5. Favorite food??? F I S H :red fish: 

6. She used to talk to birds whenever she as super lonely, but it's not something she bribes about often. 

7. Favorite colour??? PANK 

8. White feather fact; it originally belonged to her biological mother. Minerva always wears it because she loves her mother v much, but getting her to admit that in public is another story. 

9. Climbing is one of her favorable activities. 

EBC: Venom the Striped Snake by 2wolfan

8 Facts About VENOM: 

1. LOOOOOOVES snakes. Not other reptiles. 
2. Doesn't have a high opinion of empires and considers them all as TRASH. He's not really sure what to think about the Hunters since he's never encountered one???

3. Admires anything arabic-like. Whether that's an arabic feline, accessories, etc.

4. LIES A LOT, doesn't care.

5. Killing is one of his favorable activities. 

6. He doesn't really look up to anyone as of yet other than his big brother, BUT his mentor Croatoan might be an exception. (DAT TONGUE MAN) 

7. Is an actual sinnamon bun. 

8. The sight of blood excites him.

9. He trains himself by using stones, but he will most likely train under Croatoan too. (That doesn't mean he'll go easy on you bud)

EBC: Aries the Vigilant by 2wolfan

8 Facts About ARIES: 

1. Unlike Venom & Minerva, she does not to let casualties drag her down. She attempts to be the most Optimistic feline.  
2. If your cat ever needs a good talking to, she is a very good listener. And if your feline is from FIRE it gives them more bonus points in snatching a spot in her relationship list.

3. If Aries feels a bad vibe she will get aggressive. (As in pursuit, tackle, bare fangs, slap, hiss, etc.) 

4. Her best friends (in no order) are; Athena, Sebastian, Antares, and Polaris (former but still in her thoughts).

5. Being around her dad always fueled the inner fire in her heart and, that alone, gave her enough spark to go through the day. And now that her mom temporarily stepped down from being Leader, Aries feels blessed to have the opportunity to spend quality time with them BOTH.   

6. Aries used to be a huge crybaby at cubhood, now she does a better job holding back the waterworks. (As far as she knows) Although, there are some nights in which she silently weeps over the loss of her brother. 

7. Favorite colour??? B L U E 

8. Loves turtles with a big passion. Favorable activity is to spend time with them at the Blackwater Lake. especially with snapping Squirt

9. And as OneLifeRemaining said, Antares and Aries are the Elsa and Anna of EBC ever since their bfff bracelets were made <33
Frozen- Sister hug 


:iconstaniqs: Scaeden
:iconsky-lily: Prisca
:iconcelestialmayday: Aron
:iconrattarie: Fae/Faolin
:iconrininiri: Soren
:iconbaliwik: Basilius
:icondappledsun: Brutus (bruh)
:iconkohu-arts: Burlap

*Okay, i think that's about it. From here on forth I cannot be tagged since I don't have any more characters to be tagged with. Thank you so much guys for showing interest tho. Means a lot c': *


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Hello and welcome to my page! <3
I'm mostly a self-taught artist who happens to draw TLK stuff for a hobby. I'm actually going for my Computer Science bachelor, which handles mostly with codes and programming things. It does require a lot of my time away from dA, but rest assure I won't ever completely disappear from here. I also draw anime related stuff, so you might see some fanarts. I believe that's all i have to say for now, enjoy my artwork (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧
Commission 5 - Kid, Aries and Yen by VanyCat

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