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>>>>FAMILY TREE<<<<<<

~KID AND RUE~ (foster big sis) ~KID AND KAY~ (friend)
:heart:Playful Duo by Nightrizer:heart::heart:Point Commission: Free race by SEGAmastergirl:heart:
~KID'S & ARIES BBY~ (son) ~KID AND NOAH~ (friend)
:heart:Yen Chibi by Kainaa:heart::heart::heart:





:bulletblack: Since I only have three-ish more weeks of school I'm kind of going on semi-hiatus here. Which means I won't be submitting artwork until sometime next month. Also, it means I won't be able to reply to 'Notes' as quickly. Rest assure i will tackle messages and notes, it's just going to take me some time c: (There's a ton of you i haven't responded back to yet...orz) Thank you for your patience tho. I really appreciate it. 

((Just a quick note; don't be sad if I don't end up doing your tag. I really do appreciate getting tagged but i have so little time to do them :'D So, yeah. They do mean a lot tho. Ty so much!))

Got tagged by RW-Lunacat
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2.) Answer the ten questions the person who tagged you made and make up your own 10 questions for the people you tag to answer.
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6.) You have to legitimately tag 10 people
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1) Favorite color(s)?

In order-;; Blue, Pink, White, Black, and Yellow. 

2) Digital or Traditional art?

I prefer Traditional since it's easier for me, but if it's based on submitting artwork through dA- I will go with Digital. Since scanned Traditional art looks, meh. 

3) Favourite Animal?

Cats, ofc. Specifically lions. 

4) Favorite OC of yours or someone else?

My own personal fav is Kid, like it isn't obvious x'D But i also adore these OCs 
Yen by KaiserTigerEBC: Heart of Fire by KaiserTigerSmile, cheetah! by KaiserTiger (basically all your OCs yo!)Noah by AkiiraLeeMore duo, less solo by MeggisWolfKayrea ID by NightrizerHappy Bday Foxieh! by 2wolfanFor my Twiny! by sacurauchihaKayla ID by SEGAmastergirlSoar So High by kohu-artsRain's profile pic by Rain-StriveCanyKai WIP by BosleyBozEBC: Miss Aglaia by xXTikiTikiXxLooking at the past by Nuklear-BunniesFursonas Naomi new ref by WoLfgIrLySRoad of friendship by ICUDOYikune Kuro / Kiera Reef Sheet by YukineKuromorning flowers by orange-kitsuneeHappy Valentines day to Sasuke Sacura and Naruto by wolfshae+ Dawn Arrival + by OkamiiRaiinGame night for Sora by Nyaasu (ik he's Sora but i consider him your OC </3) 

I love more characters from other friends, BUT most of the ones I also like aren't OC. Keep that in mind when you see these <3

5) Favorite Holiday?
I like all of 'em, specially Christmas~! :iconwolfanla:

6) If you could be any animal, what would it be?

Lioness, definitely.  I already had this talk with my sister ages ago xD 

7) Your house is burning down, what is the one thing you save?

OMFG, I HAVE TOO MANY VALUABLE THINGS! D| umm, gosh, idk. I guess my pet cockateil birds ; n ; 

8) Stuffed animals?

Oh lord, i have one too many. I have TLK plushies, anime plushies, dog & cat plushies, disney plushies, etc. :p 

9) Favorite TV show (including anime)?

Heavens, i watch too many things too. Tv shows; Supernatural, Master Chef, Hell's kitchen, Big Ban Theory, etc. 
Animes; Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Attack on Titan, Pokemon, Ouran host club, Wolf's Rain, GDW & GNG, so on and so forth. ugh. 

10) Your catchphrase?

"Live life to the fullest!" I can't remember if i got that from an anime tho aha. 

ugh, screw rules! I have spent too much time on this and i need to go back on doing my homework xD This was fun tho <3 



Nickname: Liz
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States

Hi, I'm known as 2wolfan here but on my Youtube site I'm known as "2wolfans". I love editing AMVs, which has been on-going for at least 4 years by now but at times when I don't feel like editing videos I will get some time to draw stuff. I won't be going to animation studios anytime soon but it's a refreshing/relax feeling to draw once in awhile. It's now a hobby of mine and I love to share it with my friends <3 My career plan is to receive a bachelor degree on "Computer Engineering" and so far I'm 22 years old attending in a university. My fursona I use the most is "Kid" because it was greatly inspired by a anime character named sasuke, as for the fox I usually hang around with..that's my little irl sister who can't stop talking about how great foxes are xD Well that's about it, hope you guys enjoy my art~
::iconkohu-arts: did the "KID" drawing up there and I love her tons! ty sweetheart :heart: (YT account)
Foxieh Doll by Ani-Sempai:iconstardivider1plz::bulletblack::iconcommissionsclosed::icongiftsfriendsonly::iconkiribansclosed::bulletblack::iconstardivider3plz:Kid Doll by Ani-Sempai

Armin Page Doll by nyharu {My favorite Aot/SnK character~}
Have fun, Neku! by EvolifanNo1

:heart:My Treasures/would do anything for~:heart:

also proudly watched by all of them ;w;


Stamps I simply adore ♥
Kayla Stamp by SEGAmastergirlCinderstone Stamp by Nightrizergift stamp - kaza by HavickTheLionShiba Inu Stamp by FlashbackPracticeTWEWY - Stamp by ECILA-ALICEWhite Lions Stamp by SilverToraGeKingdom Hearts Series Stamp by nakashimarikuPikachu Stamp by VNightOwlChibi Sasunaru - Stamp by Kaorulov2Wolfan-fan-stamp by AkiiraLee

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I adopted a lion that has a similar design to Kid. Well not similar, but just the same colours. I wasn't sure if you'd be happy or not if I tried to put him into EBC because of the colours. I mean, it would be cool if they were brothers or cousins or something but I wasn't sure so I decided to ask you.
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I've come across a baby squirrel and boz told me to ask

I have the know how and supplies, but no time for the little bugger. He may not be getting enough to eat as I don't have the time to feed him as I should. He's pretty healthy and uninjured, which is amazing considering he fell 20 feet from the tree into some bushes. His appetite is good when I feed him too, so he's not sick.

If you're in the south LA aria, would you be willing to take him?
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